Gwen Conklin

Profile Updated: April 15, 2013
Gwen Conklin
Residing In: Elk Grove, CA
Spouse/Partner: Enjoying dating
Occupation: Filmmaker/Actress
Yes! Attending Reunion

On my birthday last November, I took a huge 'leap of faith' and triggered my retirement from the County of Sacramento, so I could pursue my film career full time. And I have been very blessed to be involved with several wonderful film productions. So exciting to now be actively enjoying my career in filmmaking!

I wrote/directed/produced and starred in a film for the Sacramento Film and Music Festival, called "A Fairytale Come True" which you can view on Youtube or at my blog:

Also I have snagged a regular gig behind the camera, as script supervisor, with Back 2 One Productions. Recently we wrapped my first feature film shoot, for "Savior of None", and while working on set I was asked to step in front of the camera, and play a receptionist in a social worker's office. (My face is the first one you see in the film!) We will be premiering the film at the Action on Film festival in Pasadena this I get to walk my first red carpet event this year. Upcoming productions later this year will be taking me to locations in Louisiana and the state of Washington. So exciting!

I have also been an extra in several other local productions including "Happiness" for Watermark Productions. And have a lead role in a short film we are shooting this Saturday called "Why Are We Even Here?" And also a lead role in Ambra Productions' holiday themed feature film "A Magical Country Christmas". Check out their Facebook pages for more info and updates.

This week I am auditioning for a regular ongoing acting gig with a local medical center. They hire local actors, to present symptoms to their medical students, so the students can practice diagnosing. Will be fun to improv, and earn extra $$.

Every day I ask, "How much better can it get...what else is possible?" Hope all your dreams are coming true for you.

School Story:

My family moved to Grand Island just in time for me to start at GISH my Junior year. Glad for the friends I made, and all the fun I had enjoying my activities in drama, speech, creative writing, etc.

Funny because now that I have retired, I am again pursuing all the stuff I loved so much at GISH. Inspirational speaking, leading a networking group, acting, writing a blog, screenwriting...! Life really is a circle.